Corine Land Cover 1990 - 2000 changes

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Version 8/2005 - One of the most important novelties of CLC2000 is the database of land cover changes

European data

Zipped tiff format, raster data. Two files: CLC1990 status and CLC2000 status of changed areas.


Image2000 and CLC2000 products and methods (zipped pdf format)
Spatial and temporal coverage of the Corine land cover 1990 and 2000 projects (pdf format)


Additional information

This database shows the changes between the CLC90 inventory and the CLC2000 inventory. The minimum mapping unit (MMU) of the change database was set to 5ha. Changes should refer to real evolution processes, and not to different interpretations of the same subject. Therefore amendments or corrections of the CLC90 and real changes have been clearly distinguished. The land cover changes database is necessary for the analysis of causes and consequences of natural and artificial processes, impact assessment, identification of trends, contribution to the maintenance of ecological balance and its consideration in decision-making processes. The changes from 1990 to 2000 can be studied by comparing the two raster datasets provided below. The two layers represent the 1990 status and the 2000 status, respectively, of the areas that experienced change. See the Corine land cover 2000 brochure For more information, see also



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage