Corine Land Cover 1990 - 2000 changes

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Version 17 (12/2013) - Vector and Raster data about changes between the CLC1990 inventory and the CLC2000 inventory

GIS data

Formation code in changed areas (change 1990-2000) in 100m resolution
Vector data - Corine land cover changes
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Consumption code in changed areas (change 1990-2000) in 100m resolution

Additional information

Corine land cover classes and RGB color codes
ESRI compliant .prj file

Download and rename according to the dataset file name

INSPIRE compliant metadata set
  • 8e50694b-39e9-41a3-b86c-f56815e446db
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  • c25f1742-59b5-485c-96f5-41319feafe56
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  • 3e75ef70-d21d-4884-a011-93a117153b4a
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Additional information

No pre-built pyramids in raster data.