Corine biotopes

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Created 14 Mar 2003 Published 14 Mar 2003 Last modified 01 Nov 2017
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The Corine biotopes (Version 2000) database is an inventory of major nature sites

European data

Compressed file containing the species, coded and text tables in MS Access format
Compressed file containing the look-up tables in MS Access format


Additional information

The database began under the Corine biotopes project to enhance reliable and accessible information about vulnerable ecosystems, habitats and species of important as background information for Community environmental assessment. The original documentation of the dataset and its compilation is available in the following report: CORINE Biotypes - The design, compilation and use of an inventory of sites of major importance for nature conservation in the European Community. Also, the data collection is described in this report: CORINE Biotopes Sites - Database Status and Perspectives 1995.



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage