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Created 07 Dec 2017 Published 16 May 2018 Last modified 14 May 2020
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The European Urban Atlas provides reliable, inter-comparable, high-resolution land use maps for over 300 Large Urban Zones and their surroundings (more than 100.000 inhabitants as defined by the Urban Audit) for the 2006 reference year in EU member states and for about 800 Functional Urban Area (FUA) and their surroundings (more than 50.000 inhabitants) for the 2012 and 2018 reference year in EEA39. Two additional layers were produced starting from the 2012 reference year: 1) Street Tree Layer within selected FUAs (depending on availability and suitability of satellite imagery) and 2) Building Heights for core urban areas of selected cities in EEA39. The first change layers were produced in 2012.

GIS data

Urban Atlas updates and additional layers
  • Urban Atlas 2018
    Download file
  • Urban Atlas 2012
    Download file
  • Urban Atlas 2006
    Download file
  • Street Tree Layer 2018
    Download file
  • Street Tree Layer 2012
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  • Building Heights 2012
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Urban Atlas change layers

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Direct link to Copernicus Urban Atlas Change 2006-2012 data:

  • Urban Atlas change 2012-2018
    Download file
  • Urban Atlas change 2006-2012
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