Copernicus Land Monitoring Service - High Resolution Layers - Water and Wetness

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Created 16 May 2018 Published 16 May 2018 Last modified 14 Oct 2020
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The combined Water and Wetness product is a thematic product showing the occurrence of water and wet surfaces over the period from 2009 to 2018. These layers are based on multi-temporal and multi-seasonal optical high-resolution satellite imagery. In addition, these layers are also based on radar information (Sentinel-1 data) with a geometric resolution of 10m on a pan-European basis. A multitude of optical and SAR imagery is used, covering a prolonged time series of 7 years, which aim at capturing the intra-annual dynamics as much as possible within a given area and lead to one image composite per season (each season covered by 3 months) and year during the observation period.

GIS data

Water and wetness status products
  • Water and wetness 2018
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  • Water and wetness 2015
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Water and wetness expert products
  • Water and wetness probability index 2015
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Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage

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