Concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus in European agricultural soils

Prod-ID: DAT-280-en
Created 24 Oct 2022 Published 24 Oct 2022 Last modified 24 Oct 2022
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This data set contains current nitrogen (N) and critical phosphorus (P) concentrations and their exceedances of the current and required Nitrogen Use Efficiencies (NUE) in Europe. This data set has been compiled by the European Topic Centre on Urban, Land and Soil Systems (ETC/ULS) in the context of a study on metal and nutrient dynamics where the fate and dynamics of the most abundant heavy metals and nutrients in agricultural soils were investigated. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impacts of agricultural intensification in Europe, and to understand its environmental impact.

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Additional information

The description of the spatial data sets provided on N and P dynamics in Europe and the reference report is provided under "lineage" at the entry for the INSPIRE compliant metadata. The data set is provided as SHP and also in a GDB, the latter including as well the heavy metal concentrations. An Excel file "Metadata heavy metals nutrients.xlsx" with the attribute metadata is provided with the data set.



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