Corine Land Cover 2000 raster data

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This is an old version, kept for reference only.

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Version 17 (12/2013) - Raster data on land cover for the CLC2000 inventory

GIS data

Additional information

Corine land cover 2000 classes and RGB color codes
ESRI compliant .prj file

Download and rename according to the dataset file name

QGIS compliant colourmap

Courtesy of P.Cavallini

INSPIRE compliant metadata set
  • b39c998d-fcb4-4284-811a-914db3cf6009
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  • 182278ba-dadf-44f7-93a9-4f516dc4d912
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Additional information

NOTE: due to rasterization mistake in setting the extent window, a revised version has been uploaded on date 8 april 2014.

The resolution of the data is 100 x 100 and 250 x 250 meters.
No pre-built pyramids in data.

Note that a "Deflate" compression algorithm is used to generate the files. Some Microsoft Windows systems might handle the file in an erratic way: should be the case, disable the automatic thumbnail generation option.