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AirBase is the European air quality database maintained by the EEA through its European topic centre on Air pollution and Climate Change mitigation. It contains air quality monitoring data and information submitted by participating countries throughout Europe. The air quality database consists of a multi-annual time series of air quality measurement data and statistics for a number of air pollutants. It also contains meta-information on those monitoring networks involved, their stations and their measurements. The database covers geographically all EU Member States, the EEA member countries and some EEA collaborating countries. The EU Member States are bound under Decision 97/101/EC to engage in a reciprocal exchange of information (EoI) on ambient air quality. The EEA engages with its member and collaborating countries to collect the information foreseen by the EoI Decision because air pollution is a pan European issue and the EEA is the European body which produces assessments of air quality, covering the whole geographical area of Europe.

European data

AirBase stations

[+] Show table definition (records:   8626)

Field nameData typePrimary key
Station_european_code varchar(7) Yes
Country_iso_code varchar(2) No
Country_name varchar(60) No
Emep_station varchar(3) No
Lau_level1_code varchar(10) No
Lau_level2_code varchar(10) No
Lau_level2_name nvarchar(255) No
Station_altitude int(4) No
Station_city nvarchar(255) No
Station_end_date varchar(10) No
Station_latitude_deg numeric(13) No
Station_local_code varchar(12) No
Station_longitude_deg numeric(13) No
Station_name nvarchar(70) No
Station_ozone_classification varchar(40) No
Station_start_date varchar(10) No
Station_subcat_rural_back varchar(60) No
Station_type_of_area varchar(60) No
Street_type varchar(60) No
Type_of_station varchar(40) No
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AirBase statistics

[+] Show table definition (records:   3284764)

Field nameData typePrimary key
Component_code int(4) Yes
Measurement_european_group_code varchar(5) Yes
Station_european_code varchar(7) Yes
Statistic_name varchar(40) Yes
Statistics_average_group varchar(40) Yes
Statistics_year int(4) Yes
Component_caption varchar(50) No
Component_name varchar(50) No
Measurement_unit varchar(10) No
Statistic_shortname varchar(15) No
Statistic_value numeric(13) No
Statistics_calculated varchar(3) No
Statistics_number_valid int(4) No
Statistics_percentage_valid numeric(13) No
Statistics_period varchar(32) No
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AirBase measurement configurations

[+] Show table definition (records:   59675)

Field nameData typePrimary key
Component_code int(4) Yes
Measurement_european_code varchar(5) Yes
Station_european_code varchar(7) Yes
Calibration_description varchar(255) No
Calibration_frequency int(4) No
Calibration_method varchar(255) No
Calibration_unit nvarchar(255) No
Component_caption varchar(50) No
Component_fwd varchar(3) No
Component_name varchar(50) No
Height_sampling_point int(4) No
Integration_time_frequency float(8) No
Integration_time_unit varchar(255) No
Length_sampling_line int(4) No
Location_sampling_point varchar(255) No
Measurement_automatic varchar(3) No
Measurement_end_date varchar(10) No
Measurement_equipment nvarchar(255) No
Measurement_european_group_code varchar(5) No
Measurement_group_end_date varchar(10) No
Measurement_group_start_date varchar(10) No
Measurement_latest_airbase varchar(10) No
Measurement_start_date varchar(10) No
Measurement_technique_principle varchar(80) No
Measurement_unit varchar(10) No
Sampling_time int(4) No
Sampling_time_unit varchar(50) No
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European data (XML)

All countries XML file
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AirBase stations (KMZ format)
  • AirBase_v8.kmz (ZIP archive - 348KB)
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Data by country

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  • (ZIP archive - 267MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 84MB)
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • (ZIP archive - 2.6MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 25MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 5.4MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 3.0MB)
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Czech Republic
  • (ZIP archive - 118MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 20MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 8.3MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 28MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 761MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 28MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 22MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 6.0MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 325MB)
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Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99
  • (ZIP archive - 4.5KB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 6.7MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 796KB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 12MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 5.1MB)
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  • (ZIP archive - 4.2MB)
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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
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  • (ZIP archive - 133MB)
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United Kingdom
  • (ZIP archive - 136MB)
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Additional information

AirBase data products on EEA Data Service
  • AirBase_v8_products.pdf (PDF document - 439KB)
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Additional information

AirBase is the air quality information system maintained by the EEA through the European topic centre on Air pollution and Climate Change mitigation. It contains air quality data delivered annually under 97/101/EC Council Decision establishing a reciprocal exchange of information and data from networks and individual stations measuring ambient air pollution within the Member States (EoI Decision). The EoI Decision distinguishes between information which must be transmitted in particular relating to the Directive on Air Quality (96/62/EC) and information that must be submitted where it is available. The four annexes in the EoI Decision (list of pollutants, statistical parameters and units of measurement; information concerning networks, stations and measurement techniques; data validation procedure and quality assurance; criteria for the aggregation of data and the calculation of statistical parameters) were amended by Commission Decision 2001/752/EC and its corrigendum. The EEA requests all its member and collaborating countries to provide the information foreseen by the EoI Decision because air pollution is a pan European issue and the EEA produces assessments of air quality, which cover the whole geographical area of Europe.