Nationally designated areas (CDDA)

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2001 - The dataset contains the geographic location and size of the nationally designated areas

European data

Nationally Designated Areas

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Parentis Parent country ISO code nvarchar(6) 0
Iso3 Country ISO code nvarchar(6) 0
Lon Longitude decimal degrees float(8) 0
Sitecode1 CDDA site code (sequential number) nvarchar(24) 0
Latmin Latitude minutes float(8) 0
Latns Latitude North/South (always N) nvarchar(2) 0
Year Year of establishment of the site nvarchar(8) 0
Desigabb national designation type code nvarchar(5) -1
Areaname Site Name (in principle in local language) nvarchar(240) 0
Designat Designation title in English nvarchar(160) 0
Latsec Latitude seconds float(8) 0
Latdeg Latitude degrees float(8) 0
Nuts1 Nuts code nvarchar(10) 0
Lonsec Longitude seconds float(8) 0
Lat Latitude decimal degrees float(8) 0
Londeg Longitude degrees float(8) 0
Sitecode Unique site reference code float(8) 0
Lonew Longitude East/West (E or W) nvarchar(2) 0
Lonmin Longitude minutes float(8) 0
Size Surface area in ha. float(8) 0
Iucncat IUCN management category nvarchar(8) 0
List of designations by country

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Odesignate Title - original language nvarchar(100) 0
Title - french Title in French nvarchar(255) 0
Category National designation type category nvarchar(1) 0
Desig_abbr National designation type code nvarchar(5) -1
Designate Title in English nvarchar(100) 0
Lawreference Reference to the publication in Official Journal nvarchar(255) 0
Agency ntext(16) 0
Law Reference to the legal text nvarchar(255) 0
Iso3 Country ISO code nvarchar(6) 0


Additional information

The inventory of nationally designated areas began under the CORINE programe. It is now maintained for EEA by the European Topic Centre on Nature Protection and Biodiversity and is being updated through EIONET.



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage

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