Corine Land Cover 2000 seamless vector data

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European data

Corine land cover 2000 classes and RGB color codes

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Label level2 Land cover nomenclature label at level 2 nvarchar(255) 0
Code level 3 Land cover code at level 3 nvarchar(3) 0
Label level1 Land cover nomenclature label at level 1 nvarchar(255) 0
Label level3 Land cover nomenclature label at level 3 nvarchar(255) 0
Rgb color RGB color code varchar(15) 0


Image2000 and CLC2000 products and methods (zipped pdf format)
Spatial and temporal coverage of the Corine land cover 1990 and 2000 projects (pdf format)


Additional information

Corine land cover 2000 is the year 2000 update of the first CLC database which was finalised in the early 1990s as part of the European Commission programme to COoRdinate INformation on the Environment (Corine). It provides consistent information on land cover changes during the past decade across Europe. The CLC2000 database covers 32 countries.



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage