Corine Land Cover 2000 raster data

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One of the major tasks undertaken in the framework of the Corine programme has been the establishment of a computerised inventory on the land cover

European data

Corine land cover 2000 classes and RGB color codes

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Code level 3 Land cover code at level 3 varchar(3) 0
Label level1 Land cover nomenclature label at level 1 varchar(255) 0
Label level2 Land cover nomenclature label at level 2 varchar(255) 0
Label level3 Land cover nomenclature label at level 3 varchar(255) 0
Rgb color RGB color code varchar(15) 0


Additional information

The objectives of the land cover project are: - to provide those responsible for and interested in the European policy on the environment with quantitative data on land cover, consistent and comparable across Europe; - to prepare one comprehensive land cover database for the 25 EC Member States and other European countries, at an original scale of 1: 100 000, using 44 classes of the 3-level Corine nomenclature. Changed since last version of the dataset: - New countries added - Geometry improved. Geometry of databases have been improved using ArcGIS9 transformation engine for ETRS89-LAEA/ETRS89. Erroneous geometry for Luxembourg data corrected - Harmonized with standard EEA reference grids (08 Apr 2005). See the Corine land cover 2000 brochure.



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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