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Water Quantity - Location of Streamflow Gauging Stations

Page Last modified 03 Jan 2013, 09:49 AM
This map shows the location of Streamflow Gauging Stations in Europe, overlaid on the WFD RBDs. The map enables the user to view, select and display information on the location and characteristics of streamflow gauging stations across Europe. The stations depicted on the map represent points where discharge (streamflow) is measured (cubic metres per second) on a daily time step, allowing a comparison of the density and coverage of streamflow monitoring networks across Europe.

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Which data are shown on the map?

The streamflow gauging stations data are regularly collected by the EEA through the WISE-SoE reporting on Water Quantity. The URL to the dataset that contains the streamflow stations location and metadata is:

The current layer was further enhanced with freely available data downloaded from national websites, as well as data sent to the EEA from NFPs/NRCs as a response to the June 2011 Water Accounts ad-hoc data collection.

The current version of the map includes data collected and processed up to November 2011 from the following 22 countries: AT, BE, CY, EE, FI, DE, HU, IE, IT, LV, LT, MK, NL, NO, PT, RS, SK, SI, ES, SE, TR, UK. Data from BG, HR, CZ, FR, GR, IS, LI, CH are currently under processing (not included in the current map version), while data from AL, BA, DK, XK, LU, MT, ME, PL, RO have been not retrieved yet.

Why is the location of flow gauging stations important?

This map enables the user to view the location of streamflow gauging stations in each RBD and have an overview of the coverage and density of such networks in Europe. It further allows intercomparison among RBDs and retrieval of information on stations’ basic characteristics. Such characteristics include (besides the station name, ID and location) the name of the river on which the station is located, the catchment area (in km2) drained above the streamflow station, the names of the municipality and NUTS II area where the station is located. As such information, gathered at EU level, has not been published on interactive maps, this product is considered as a good input towards the development of a platform that could integrated multiple GIS referenced datasets. It can further be enhanced in the future allowing e.g. the display of summary and descriptive statistics on streamflow, serving both the research and policy making community in identifying trends (hydrological drought, floods episodes), or comparing among types of rivers.

Geographic coverage

Greece, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia
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