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List of designations by country

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Table contains list of designations, references to laws as well as number and total area of sites per designation.
European data
Table definition
Total area Total area of sites with that designation from table Sites within CDDA-National float(8) 0
Number Number of sites with that designation from table Sites within CDDA-National int(4) 0
Law Title and article of the law designation ntext(16) 0
Lawreference Reference to the publication in Official Journal ntext(16) 0
Agency Name and address of the highest administrative authority responsible for this designation ntext(16) 0
Odesignate Title in original language nvarchar(100) 0
Designate Title in English nvarchar(100) 0
Title - french Title in French nvarchar(255) 0
Iso3 ISO 3 caracters country code nvarchar(3) 0
Desig_abbr National designation type code nvarchar(5) -1
Category National designation type category the designation type category according to the codes (A, B or C) appendix D of the Natura 2000 and Emerald Standard Data Form (see look-up table National designation type categories) nvarchar(1) -1
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