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List of designation boundaries by country:

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Table contains list of digital boundaries of protected areas not defined as sites. Provides information on resolution of source material from which the boundary has been derived. Instructs EEA regarding dissemination of boundaries.
European data
Table definition
Field name Field Definition Note Data type Primary key
PARENT_ISO ISO 3 characters country code nvarchar(3) -1
ISO3 Country ISO code nvarchar(3) -1
DESIG_ABBR National designation type code nvarchar(5) -1
CDDA_Availability_code Availability of boundaries 00 - Boundaries not available, 01 - Boundaries reported to EEA, 02 - Boundaries under preparation, 03 - Boundaries not relevant for analysis at European scale. Point or line feature. nvarchar(2) 0
CDDA_Resolution_code Codes for spatial resolution of dataset from which geographical data for this feature (boundaries, coordinates) has been derived. 00 - use resolution information provided in metadata for the spatial dataset, 01 - unknown, 02 - less than 1:1 000 000, 03 - between 1:250 000 and 1:1 000 000, 04 - between 1:100 000 and 1:250 000, 05 - greater than 1:100 000 nvarchar(2) 0
CDDA_Dissemination_code Code for instructions to EEA regarding dissemination of geographical data. 00 - use dissemination instructions provided in metadata for the spatial dataset, 01 - vector data can be published for this feature, 02 - public dissemination restricted to presence/absence in European raster dataset, 03 - public dissemination restricted to European scale maps, 04 - dissemination to CDDA partner institutions (WCMC and CoE) for their internal use only. Other interested parties should contact national representative, 05 - no dissemination by EEA. Interested parties should contact national representative nvarchar(2) 0

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