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Nationally designated areas (CDDA)

Data Created 20 Dec 2005 Published 20 Dec 2005 Last modified 08 Jan 2013, 04:24 PM
The European inventory of nationally designated areas holds information about protected sites and about the national legislative instruments, which directly or indirectly create protected areas
Data Table National designation type category
Data Table Octet Stream Tables metadata
File contains metadata definitions of all data tables and look-up tables.
Data Table Site boundaries
Zipped ESRI shapefile (vector, polygon) of nationally designated area boundaries as reported by countries. It is expected that the quality will improve in future versions.
Data Table IUCN categories
Table contains the IUCN management categories according to the new system. IUCN (1994), Guidelines for Protected Area Management Categories:
Data Table Sites data table
Table contains main information (name, location, area, IUCN category etc) of each individual designated area at national level. 78021 records are for EEA member countries.
Data Table RealAudio broadcast Database relation structure diagram
Data Table CDDA - Microsoft Access database (8 tables)
Database contains all data tables and lookup tables. Includes also simple relation structure (fields in tables are not indexed and keys are not set). Detailed table definitions are displayed in the section with individual tables.
Data Table Site habitats table
Table contains data on habitats and habitat cover within the site boundary of each individual designated site.
Data Table Country codes and abbreviations (65 records)
Table contains list of ISO Alpha 3 codes used in CDDA_designations and CDDA_sites tables. Complete and actual list can be found at the following URL: (Source: United Nations Statistics Division)
Data Table Site relation categories
Data Table Octet Stream Nationally designated areas (National - CDDA)
Quality control documentation - Public version
Data Table List of designations by country
Table contains list of designations, references to laws as well as number and total area of sites per designation. 689 records are for EEA member countries.
Data Table Site relations table
Table indicates how each designated site relates to others (overlapping, neighbouring sites, containing each other etc).
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