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Country profile - Distinguishing factors (Switzerland)

Swiss Confederation: Federal state (Confoederatio Helvetica - CH)

System of government: Federal republic consisting of 26 cantons with Bern as the capital

Main cities: Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne

Population: 7,785,800 (31 December 2009)

Estimated population: in 2015: 8,102,300; in 2025: 8,561,400; in 2050: 8,979,000 (2010 projections)

Population density: 193/km2 as a national average, close to 2000/km2 in city centres, 500-1000/km2 in cities and villages and less than 50/km2 in the rest of the country

Official languages: German (63.7 % total population share, in the north, east and centre of the country), French (20.4 %, in the west), Italian (6.5 %, in the south), Romansh (0.5 %, in the south-eastern canton of Graubünden), other: 9 %

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