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The road from Dobříš to Belgrade

This September the EEA celebrates the 11th anniversary of the publication of 'The Dobříš Assessment', the first Pan-European report on the state of the environment.

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'An Inconvenient Truth' - EEA film review

"Al Gore's film 'An Inconvenient Truth' is remarkable in its simplicity and clarity of messages," says an EEA climate change expert lucky enough to get a sneak preview. "The film shows Al Gore travelling the world with a slideshow setting out key causes, effects and solutions to global climate change." "Gore clearly shows the evidence that the increase in global temperature over the last 100 years is, to a large extent, due to greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. He then presents the three 'causes': population, technology and barriers to new thinking." Read the full review here:

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The inconvenient truth and you

This week, as Al Gore and his blockbuster documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, arrive in Europe, climate change is again making waves around the world. The film, essentially a multimedia, whistle-stop tour of the likely causes and impacts of climate change, concludes that the issue is no longer simply an environmental or political issue. Rather, Gore says, it is the biggest single challenge facing our global civilization. So what can we do?

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Kids can come and learn about environment

This summer the EEA Information Centre has been giving environmental talks to groups of schoolchildren visiting the "Spirit of the wild" photo exhibition on Kongens Nytorv. The exhibition shows 100 huge wildlife photos by the world famous nature photographer - Steve Bloom.

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Algal blooms disrupt holidaymakers across Europe

A nasty surprise has met many Europeans reaching their holiday destinations on the coasts of Italy, Scotland, Sweden and Denmark this summer...

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