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Paper and cardboard waste - how to deal with it?

The initial goal of the report "Paper and cardboard – recovery or disposal" is to find out if studies that pass a quality test reach the same conclusion. The second, and more important, objective is to find our why results of such studies differ. Here, the report looks at how definitions of system boundaries, i.e. how much of the full life cycle system is included in the assessment, and other parameters influence the results.

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Corine land cover database passes accuracy test

The Corine Land Cover (CLC2000) database received a thumbs up for accuracy from an assessment of the project, details of which were released by the EEA today.

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Europe's energy policies must be environmentally sound

Europe requires an integrated policy framework balancing the goals of energy security and competitiveness with environment policy, says a new report released today by the European Environment Agency (EEA), based in Copenhagen.

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EU greenhouse gas emissions increase for second year in a row

Emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases (GHG) from the EU-25 increased by 18 million tonnes (0.4 %) between 2003 and 2004. Emissions from the EU-15 increased by 11.5 million tonnes (0.3 %) in the same period. These figures, released today, are contained in the latest GHG inventory report from the European Environment Agency (EEA), based in Copenhagen.

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Summer ozone levels remain dangerously high over the Mediterranean

Summer ozone levels continue to exceed EU safe levels, threatening health across Europe, according to a report released today by the EEA. Although not as high as in the record year 2003, ozone levels in the summer of 2005 went beyond levels considered safe by the EU Ozone Directive.

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