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Transport accident fatalities

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Assessment made on  01 Jul 2005

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  • TERM 009
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Policy issue:  Reduce the number of transport fatalities and persons injured in transport accidents.

Key messages

  • Even though the annual number of road fatalities have fallen by 25 % since 1993 in the EEA-31 area, they still numbered close to 55 000 in 2003. To reach the ambitious EU-25 target from the White Paper of halving the numbers of fatalities between 2000 and 2010, while transport volumes are expected to continue growing, further accident preventing policies are necessary.


Key assessment

The number of fatalities in transport continues to decrease, but the media coverage of accidents gives a disproportional picture of the risk. Accidents in air, sea and rail transport receive much more attention, partly because accidents are rare, partly because it often involves a larger number of people. Road accidents generally receive much less attention in the press. The result is a skewed perception of real risks.

Even though the number of deaths due to road accidents has fallen significantly during the past decade, road traffic still makes heavy demands on society. Significant efforts will be needed to reach the ambitious target drawn up in the Common Transport Policy and the European road safety action programme. However, with improved enforcement a major step can be taken. Changing behaviour in the use of alcohol and drugs when driving, observe speed limits and wearing of seatbelts can reduce the number of victims significantly, as these factors explain around half of the fatalities in road traffic. So with improved observance of road users, the target of halving the number of deaths in road accidents between 2000 and 2010 can be reached. The target can therefore be assumed as feasible.

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