Exposure of population to exceedances of EU air quality standards

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Assessment made on  01 Jan 2001

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Indicator codes
  • TERM 004

Policy issue:  Meet EU air quality standards set for protection of human health

Key messages

  • Urban air quality is improving, but urban populations are still exposed to pollution levels that pose health risks


Key assessment

Air quality in Europe (and particularly in the large urban areas) has improved in recent decades. However, it is estimated that in 1995 nearly all EU urban citizens were exposed to air pollution levels exceeding the (proposed) EU air quality standards set for the protection of human health.

Although implementation of the Auto-Oil measures is expected to result in significant improvements, the outlook for 2010 shows that some 70 % of the EU urban population will still be exposed to PM10 levels exceeding the limit values, some 20 % to NO2 exceedances, and some 15 % to benzene exceedances.

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