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GDP vs. GHG per capita per country from 1990-2010 (Eurostat)


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"List of species with Natura 2000 codes and EUNIS links"^^<> <> "PREFIX e: <>\u000d\nPREFIX dwc: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT ?n2000code ?name ?authority?eunisurl WHERE {\u000d\n ?eunisurl e:sameSynonymN2000 ?n2000code ;\u000d\n e:binomialName ?name;\u000d\n dwc:scientificNameAuthorship ?authority\u000d\n} ORDER BY ?n2000code"^^<>
"Vocabularies in the database"^^<> <> "PREFIX rdfs: <>\u000d\nPREFIX skos: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT DISTINCT ?vocabulary STR(?label) AS ?title\u000d\nWHERE {\u000d\n ?vocabulary a skos:ConceptScheme .\u000d\n { ?vocabulary rdfs:label ?label }\u000d\n UNION\u000d\n { ?vocabulary skos:prefLabel ?label}\u000d\n FILTER(LANG(?label) = 'en' || LANG(?label) = '' )\u000d\n} ORDER BY ?label"^^<>
"List of Indicator Specifications"^^<> <> "PREFIX dcterms: <>\u000d\nPREFIX rdfs: <>\u000d\nPREFIX s: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT DISTINCT * WHERE {\u000d\n _:bookmark a s:Specification ;\u000d\n s:id ?id;\u000d\n s:dpsir ?dpsir;\u000d\n s:typology ?typology;\u000d\n dcterms:title ?title\u000d\n}"^^<>
"Area of European countries (FAO)"^^<> <> "PREFIX fao: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT * WHERE {\u000d\n [] a fao:self_governing ;\u000d\n fao:isInGroup fao:Europe;\u000d\n fao:codeISO2 ?code;\u000d\n fao:nameShort ?name;\u000d\n fao:landAreaTotal ?landarea;\u000d\n fao:countryAreaTotal ?totalarea.\u000d\n FILTER(LANG(?name) = 'en')\u000d\n} ORDER BY ?code"^^<>
"EEA themes queried as a SKOS vocabulary"^^<> <> "PREFIX skos: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT * WHERE {\u000d\n ?theme skos:inScheme <>;\u000d\n skos:prefLabel ?label\u000d\n} ORDER BY ?label"^^<>
"Referenced datasets from indicator specifications"^^<> <> "PREFIX rdfs: <>\u000d\nPREFIX cr: <>\u000d\nPREFIX s: <>\u000d\nPREFIX ed: <>\u000d\nPREFIX d: <>\u000d\nPREFIX dct: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT DISTINCT sql:sample(?items) AS ?url ?title ?dataseturl sql:sample(?obligations) AS ?obligation\u000d\nWHERE {\u000d\n ?specification s:relatedItems ?items .\u000d\n ?items a ?type .\u000d\n OPTIONAL {?items ed:dataset_url ?dataseturl }\u000d\n OPTIONAL {?items dct:title ?title }\u000d\n OPTIONAL {?items d:reportingObligations ?obligations }\u000d\n FILTER(?type IN ( <>, <>))\u000d\n} ORDER BY ?title"^^<>
"Natura 2000 sites"^^<> <> "SELECT ?code ?name ?SDF WHERE {\u000d\n ?site <> ?name .\u000d\n ?site <> ?code .\u000d\n ?site <> ?SDF .\u000d\n}"^^<>
"SENSE II specifications (9 items)"^^<> <> "PREFIX dcterms: <>\u000d\nPREFIX rdfs: <>\u000d\nPREFIX s: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT DISTINCT * WHERE {\u000d\n ?bookmark a s:Specification ;\u000d\n s:codes ?subject;\u000d\n s:dpsir ?dpsir;\u000d\n s:typology ?typology;\u000d\n dcterms:title ?title\u000d\nFILTER(?subject IN ('CSI001','CSI002','CSI003','CSI008','CSI010', 'CSI011','CSI018','CSI029','CSI033'))\u000d\n} limit 100"^^<>
"Species that are valid in EUNIS, but invalid in ITIS"^^<> <> "PREFIX e: <>\u000d\nPREFIX itis: <>\u000d\nPREFIX dwc: <>\u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT ?eunisname ?eunisauthor ?itisname ?itisauthor WHERE {\u000d\n ?eunisurl e:validName 1;\u000d\n e:sameSynonym ?itisurl;\u000d\n e:binomialName ?eunisname;\u000d\n dwc:scientificNameAuthorship ?eunisauthor.\u000d\n ?itisurl itis:nameUsage \"invalid\";\u000d\n itis:completename ?itisname;\u000d\n itis:hasAuthor _:auurl.\u000d\n _:auurl itis:taxonAuthor ?itisauthor\u000d\n}"^^<>
"Country memberships (EU, EUN22, EEA, EIONET)"^^<> <> "PREFIX rdfs: <>\u000d\nPREFIX eea: <> \u000d\n\u000d\nSELECT DISTINCT ?code ?countryname ?publishingCode\u000d\n IF(bound(?eumember),'Yes','') AS ?eu\u000d\n IF(bound(?eeamember),'Yes','') AS ?eea\u000d\n IF(bound(?eionetmember),'Yes','') AS ?eionet\u000d\n IF(bound(?eun22member),'Yes','') AS ?eun22\u000d\nWHERE {\u000d\n ?ucountry a eea:Country ;\u000d\n eea:code ?code;\u000d\n eea:publishingCode ?publishingCode;\u000d\n rdfs:label ?countryname\u000d\n OPTIONAL { <> skos:member ?ucountry, ?eumember }\u000d\n OPTIONAL { <> skos:member ?ucountry, ?eun22member }\u000d\n OPTIONAL { <> skos:member ?ucountry, ?eeamember }\u000d\n OPTIONAL { <> skos:member ?ucountry, ?eionetmember }\u000d\n} ORDER BY ?code"^^<>

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PREFIX qb: <>
PREFIX e: <>
PREFIX code: <>
PREFIX measure: <>
PREFIX dimension: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX dataset: <>

SELECT ?country
       xsd:double(?gdp) AS ?gdp
       1000.0 * xsd:double(?ghgtotal) / xsd:double(?population) AS ?ghgpercapita
 GRAPH <> {
  ?popobs qb:dataSet dataset:demo_pjanbroad ;
        dimension:timePeriod ?year;
        dimension:freq code:freq-A;
        e:age <>; 
        e:sex <>;
        e:geo ?ucountry;
        measure:obsValue ?population.
 GRAPH <> {
  ?ghgobs qb:dataSet dataset:env_air_gge ;
        e:geo ?ucountry;
        dimension:timePeriod ?year;
        e:airsect <>;
        measure:obsValue ?ghgtotal.
 GRAPH <> {
  ?gdpobs qb:dataSet dataset:nama_aux_gph ;
        dimension:timePeriod ?year;
        dimension:freq code:freq-A;
        e:geo ?ucountry;
        e:unit <>;
        e:indic_na <>;
        measure:obsValue ?gdp.
 GRAPH <> {
  ?ucountry rdfs:label ?country. }
} ORDER BY ?country ?year

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