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GDP vs. GHG per capita per country from 1990-2010 (Eurostat, EEA)

data sources: Population on 1 January by broad age group and sex: (, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (source: EEA) (, GDP per capita - Annual Data (

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PREFIX qb: <> PREFIX e: <> PREFIX code: <> PREFIX measure: <> PREFIX dimension: <> PREFIX rdfs: <> PREFIX dataset: <> SELECT ?country ?year xsd:double(?gdp) AS ?gdppercapita 1000.0 * xsd:double(?ghgtotal) / xsd:double(?population) AS ?ghgpercapita xsd:double(?population) AS ?population xsd:double(?ghgtotal) AS ?ghgtotal WHERE { GRAPH <> { ?popobs qb:dataSet dataset:demo_pjanbroad ; dimension:timePeriod ?year; dimension:freq code:freq-A; e:age <>; e:sex <>; e:geo ?ucountry; measure:obsValue ?population. } GRAPH <> { ?ghgobs qb:dataSet dataset:env_air_gge ; e:geo ?ucountry; dimension:timePeriod ?year; e:airsect <>; measure:obsValue ?ghgtotal. } GRAPH <> { ?gdpobs qb:dataSet dataset:nama_aux_gph ; dimension:timePeriod ?year; dimension:freq code:freq-A; e:geo ?ucountry; e:unit <>; e:indic_na <>; measure:obsValue ?gdp. } GRAPH <> { ?ucountry rdfs:label ?country. } } ORDER BY ?country ?year

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