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Data input examples

Page Last modified 25 Apr 2012, 11:23 PM
Data examples for daviz visualization tool. All data examples here are fictive and should be used for training purposes only.

Data example 1 - for copy and paste

The following data example can be used to create a bar chart or a pie chart. Select and copy (CTRL+C) the table below and then paste it (CTRL+V) in the data input of daviz. 

GHG Emissions 2009 (million tonnes):number Emissions 1990 (million tonnes):number Emissions 1950 (million tonnes):number
CO2 1.76 1.288732214 0.594955859
CH4 0.502 0.470354525 0.235243101
N2O 0.172 0.129200535 0.064408219
PFC,HFC,SF6 0.015 0.0111088 0
Montreal gasses 0.26 0.229976021 0

Data example 2 - for CSV / TSV upload

The following links are files with clean raw data in TSV/CSV format. You should first download them on your PC. These files can be used as good examples for daviz upload.

Data example for "Employment percentage rate by gender, age group 15-64, Eurostat":

Data example 3 - for motion charts

Daviz visualizations includes a motion chart, which is perfect for visualizing data trends example when having time series.

The following data example can be used to create a motion chart. It is a small extract of the previous data example 2. The difference is that in this example we have the dimension "Males", "Females" and "Total" as columns instead of single row as in the raw dataset. Note that this so called row to column transformation so called "Pivot-operation" can be easily done via the Daviz data table editor. However you can choose to do it in your favorite desktop software, like (Excel/OpenOffice Calc) if you like.

Copy and paste the table below into the data input of daviz, you will be able to make a motion chart with this data. 

Employement trends: percentage of population employed 

countryyearpopulation Femalespopulation Malespopulation Total
Austria 2000-01-01 59.6 77.3 68.5
Belgium 2000-01-01 51.5 69.5 60.5
Bulgaria 2000-01-01 46.3 54.7 50.4
Cyprus 2000-01-01 53.5 78.7 65.7
Czech Republic 2000-01-01 56.9 73.2 65
Denmark 2000-01-01 71.6 80.8 76.3
Austria 2005-01-01 29.6 62.3 48.5
Belgium 2005-01-01 41.4 49.5 80.5
Bulgaria 2005-01-01 46.6 44.6 30.1
Cyprus 2005-01-01 63.3 78.8 23.7
Czech Republic 2005-01-01 26.9 73.5 63
Denmark 2005-01-01 31.6 30.3 56.3

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