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The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB)

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study is a major international initiative to draw attention to the global economic benefits of biodiversity, to highlight the growing costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and to draw together expertise from the fields of science, economics and policy to enable practical actions moving forward.
Content listing
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File C source code header Blue Flag certification for beach quality, South Africa File
File D source code Carbon offsets for sustainable land use, Scolel Te, Mexico File
File D source code Conservation law benefits communities and biodiversity, Papua New Guinea File
File chemical/x-pdb Enhancing agriculture by ecosystem management in Hiware Bazaar, India File
File Equitable sharing of benefits in Sukhomajri, India File
File C source code header Human-elephant conflict mitigation through insurance scheme, Sri Lanka File
File Integrating ecosystem services into spatial planning in Sumatra, Indonesia File
File Kanlaon Spring Water Plant, Philippines File
File Octet Stream value of wolves beyond a protected area, USA File
File conservation areas for ecosystem services in land-use planning, China File
File National-level Soil Erosion Control Policies in China File
File Natural Capital Valuation in the Credit River Watershed, Ontario File
File C source code Participatory Guarantee Systems for organic agriculture, India File
File Octet Stream Payments for fresh water conservation, China File
File Recreational value of coral reefs, Hawaii File
File object code Reverse auctions help farmers to reduce phosphorous content in local waterways, USA File
File Spatial Planning in eThekwini Municipality (Durban), South Africa File
File Troff document Watamu Beach Turtle Watch Nest Protection Programme, Kenya File
File Water fund for catchment management, Ecuador File
File Water Funds for conservation of ecosystem services in watersheds, Colombia File
File Water transfer project influenced by ecosystem services valuation, Egypt File
File x-conference/x-cooltalk Wetland restoration incorporates ecosystem service value, Aral Sea, Central Asia File
File Wetlands reduce damages to infrastructure, Lao PDR File
File C source code header Conserving wetlands through microfinance programs, India File
File Economic incentives for green initiatives, Japan File
File Tourism more valuable than fisheries, Maldives File
File Valuing forests for different protection strategies, Japan File
File Forest environmental tax, Japan File
File Multi criteria analysis for resolving conflicting river basin uses, Kenya File
File object code PES as a strategy to minimize risk- The Case of La Esperanza Hydroelectric Power Company, Costa Rica File
File Reintroducing the Japanese Crested Ibis, Japan File
File Water quality amelioration value of Fynbos Biome wetlands, South Africa File
File Compensation-scheme-for-upstream-farmers-in-municipal-protected-area-Peru File
File application/x-ica Certificate for Environmental Service, Costa Rica File
File Octet Stream Forest-Valuation-stimulates-green-development-Indonesia File
File Octet Stream Palm-Oil-Certification-Indonesia File
File Management of urban water sources, Japan File
File Payments for ground water recharge, Japan File
File Regional-labelling-in-biosphere-reserve-Germany File
File River-Elbe-flood-regulation-options-with-ecological-benefits-Germany File
File application/x-ica Procuencas Project, Costa Rica File
File Water Source Forest Management by Private Sector in Japan File
File Carbon finance for conservation of native prairie, USA File
File Community forestry for public health, Nepal File
File Economic Incentives for Green Initiatives in Nagoya city, Japan File
File Economic value of Toronto’s Greenbelt, Canada File
File Fair Trade Certification for coffee, Canada File
File Flooding rice paddies for migrating birds, Japan File
File Payment for Ecosystem Services, Sibuyan Island, Phillipines File
File Peatland restoration for carbon sequestration, Germany File
File Protected wetland for securing wastewater treatment, Uganda File
File River restoration to avoid flood damage, USA File
File Tourism value of San Rock Art, South Africa File
File Valuation of pollination spurs support for bee keepers, Switzerland File
File Water tank rehabilitation benefits rural development, Sri Lanka File
File Watershed services crucial for economic development, Mongolia File
File Agroecological Zoning, Brazil File
File Better fishery management could significantly increase economic returns, Argentina File
File application/x-troff-me Biodiversity Banking and Offset Scheme of NSW, Australia File
File Octet Stream Certification for forest coffee, Ethiopia File
File Octet Stream Cidanau Watershed PES scheme, Indonesia File
File PDF document Conserving forests through grants, Brazil.pdf File
File Financing conservation through ecological fiscal transfers in Brazil File
File Enabling the legal framework for PES, Costa Rica File
File D source code Integrating ecosystem services into land-use planning in Hawai'i, USA File
File Natural Spaces and Health: Mapping Accessible Natural Greenspace in Wales, UK File
File Payments and technical support for reforestation and soil conservation for watershed protection, Brazil. File
File Singapore City Biodiversity Index, Singapore File
File Strategic Catchment Assessment in uMhlathuze municipality, South Africa File
File The economic value of the world's wetlands File
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile The Kennecott Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve, Utah File
File Wetland restoration for carbon sequestration in Prairie Canada File
File Wetland valuation changes policy perspectives, Burkina Faso File
File Working for Water Programme in South Africa File
File Wetland protection and restoration increases yields, Bangladesh File
File PES as incentive for farmers to shift to sustainable activities, Honduras File
File Octet Stream Bhoj Wetland watershed services, India File
File Insurance scheme to protect Snow Leopards, India File
File object code Benefit sharing as key to conserving the Tubbataha Reefs, Philippines File
File Biodiversity decline can increase the spread of infectious diseases File
File Developing the first national park in Belgium together with stakeholders, Belgium File
File object code Environmental Flow Assessment taking into account the value of ecosystem services, Pangani River Basin, Tanzania File
File Octet Stream Salinity Credits Trading Scheme, Australia File
File Managed realignment for coastal protection, UK File
File application/x-troff-ms Multiple benefits of urban ecosystems: spatial planning in Miami, USA File
File Temporary closures in octopus fishing areas increase catch, Madagascar File
File Octet Stream Traditional forest restoration in Tanzania - Tanzania File
File SEA for including ecosystem services in coastal management, Portugal File
File Changed agro-management to prevent muddy floods, Belgium File
File Octet Stream Ecosystem Services for protected area network planning, Solomon Islands File
File Troff document Ecosystem Services and Cost-Benefit Analysis: the case of BR-319 Road in Brazilian Amazon, Brazil File
File Reintroduction of Oriental White Stork through PES for habitat restoration, Japan File
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