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EEA Staff list

Last updated on: 01 Jul 2015

Members of Administrative services.

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 First name   Last name   Contact   Job title   Programme 
Andreas MANVILLE Andreas.Manville,,Email Project manager - Human resources ADS1 - Human resource management
Anne-Li HARTMANN-FITZGERALD Anne-Li.Hartmann-Fitzgerald,,Email Accountant ADS - Administrative services
Birgitta DØSSING Birgitta.Dossing,,Email Secretary - Personnel administration ADS1 - Human resource management
Bitten SERENA Bitten.Serena,,Email Project officer - Procurement ADS3 - Legal services and logistics
Bo HANSGAARD Bo.Hansgaard,,Email Technical assistant - Logistic services ADS3 - Legal services and logistics
Chiara MASINI Chiara.Masini,,Email Project officer - Recruitment ADS1 - Human resource management
Christina THOMSEN Christina.Thomsen,,Email Secretary - Financial assistant ADS2 - Finance
Corina-Elena BRADATANU Corina-Elena.Bradatanu,,Email Project officer - Procurement and Finance ADS2 - Finance
Harald ELMEGAARD Harald.Elmegaard,,Email Project officer - Accounting ADS - Administrative services
Helena CESALOVÁ Helena.Cesalova,,Email Project officer - HR management ADS1 - Human resource management
Helle MØLLER Helle.Moller,,Email Secretary - Programme support ADS - Administrative services
Henriette BILLE Henriette.Bille,,Email Project officer - Recruitment coordination ADS1 - Human resource management
Jimmy FLINDT Jimmy.Flindt,,Email Project officer - Finance ADS2 - Finance
Lene PEDERSEN Lene.Pedersen,,Email Head of group ADS1 - Human resource management
Lisa SØRENSEN Lisa.Sorensen,,Email Project officer - Budget and finance ADS - Administrative services
Louise PLUNKETT SØNDERBY Louise.Plunkett,,Email Project officer - Human resources ADS1 - Human resource management
Luis CASTANHEIRA DOS SANTOS PINTO Luis.Pinto,,Email Project manager - Learning and career development coordination ADS1 - Human resource management
Marie GOT Marie.Got,,Email Secretary - Financial support ADS2 - Finance
Monica SQUIZZATO Monica.Squizzato,,Email Project officer - Financial assistant ADS2 - Finance
Morten ANDERSEN Morten.Andersen,,Email Technical assistant - Logistic services ADS3 - Legal services and logistics
Olivier Joël Lilian CORNU Olivier.CORNU,,Email Head of group ADS3 - Legal services and logistics
Søren NIELSEN Soren.Nielsen,,Email Head of Administrative Services ADS - Administrative services


European Environment Agency (EEA)
Kongens Nytorv 6
1050 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 3336 7100