New data on European water quality in WISE

Page Last modified 13 Oct 2008
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Coastal waters, national groundwater quality and new urban waste water data is available from the WISE map viewer.

For the first time, data on the quality of coastal and transitional waters, collected under the WISE SoE (state of the environment) data flows, is published through the WISE map viewer. This covers orthophosphates, oxidised nitrogen and chlorophyll in seawater. The data is available for several countries around the Baltic, the North Sea and the Mediterranean.

A second new area is groundwater quality. Here currently only national averages are available but further information will be published as soon as the groundwater reference bodies become available. The substances covered are ammonium, nitrites and nitrates.

This is been rounded up by a completion of the publication of the 2007 urban waste water data collection. The May maps are substantially enhanced providing more countries, an extended visualisation and additional parameters.

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