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The UNECE Sixth Ministerial Conference 'Environment for Europe' takes place from 10 to 12 October 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia. It will include the participation of environment ministers and high-level government officials from 56 countries of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) region, including Canada and USA. Here you find an overview of EEA events at the conference.

10–12 October 2007, Belgrade, Serbia
Sixth Ministerial Conference 'Environment for Europe'

Conference programme

The 'Environment for Europe' process is a unique partnership of the member states within the UNECE region, organisations of the United Nations system represented in the region, other intergovernmental organisations, regional environment centres, non-governmental organisations and other major groups that take part in improving environmental protection and sustainable development issues in Europe.

10 October 2007
Launch and presentation of 'Europe's environment — The fourth assessment'

10.00-10.15 am: Presentation of the report (Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of the EEA)

Plenary session of the Belgrade Conference

Assembly room 10

01.00-02.30 pm: Joint launch of the EEA-OECD-UNDP reports

Press room

Launch of the EEA fourth assessment report together with the OECD policy assessment report for the EECCA region and the UNDP report on policy assessment for South Eastern Europe. The launch is organised as a roundtable discussion with high-level representatives from the three international organisations together with high-level officials from the pan-European region.

Facilitator: Marko Slokar, EU Resident Twinning Advisor

Expected participation: Media event, interested public

Contact: Marion Hannerup, EEA (

10 October 2007
Side events at EEA/UN joint stand

01.30-02.30 pm: Presentation of the EEA report 'The pan-European environment: glimpses into an uncertain future'

This side event builds on the work carried out by the EEA in the area of scenarios for the pan-European region.

Expected participation: experts in the field of scenarios and forward studies, government officials.

Contact: Anita Pirc Velkavrh, EEA (

11 October 2007
Side events EEA/UN joint stand

08.00-09.00 am: Roundtable discussion on environment and health

This event focuses on water and health aspects and building further on Chapter 2, 'Environment and health and the quality of life' of the EEA's fourth assessment report.

Expected participation: government representatives, experts, NGOs, public

Contact: Dorota Jarosinska, EEA (

02.00-03.00 pm: Joint launch EEA/UNEP of the report 'Sustainable consumption and production in South East Europe and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia'

Expected participation: media and communication experts, interested public

Contact: Pawel Kazmierczyk, EEA (



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