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The EEA's work is mainly related to the Environmental Noise Directive. It supports EEA member countries and the European Commission in noise data-management as well as in assessments of noise exposure.

Under the Environmental Noise Directive several dataflows have to be reported. The EEA led the development of an electronic reporting mechanism in early 2007, harmonised to the EEA reporting system. More information on the Directive is available on the Commission's CIRCA site.

In assisting with the implementation of the Directive EEA works closely with the European Topic Centre on Spatial Information and Analysis and with EEA's country network (Eionet).

Noise exposure data as reported in accordance with the Environmental Noise Directive  has been collated by EEA and is available at the Noise Observation and Information Service for Europe. This is the EEA's interactive data base and map viewer dedicated to illustrating exposure to noise across Europe.

The EEA led Expert Panel on Noise (EPoN)  is a working group of independent experts that assist the development of noise policy in Europe. EPoN has recently published guidance on integrating health impact evidence to the development of action plans against noise.

As well as assessing exposure to noise, the Environmental Noise Directive also requires EU member states to develop actions against excessive noise and to preserve good environmental noise quality. This requirement and the more general increase in awareness of the damage to humans and animal life caused by noise has led to many innovative solutions across Europe. To highlight such good practice, the EEA has introduced the European Soundscape Award, which will be presented for the first time in 2011.

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