File Remediated sites and brownfields, Success stories in Europe, A report of the European Information and Observation Network’s National Reference Centres for Soil (Eionet NRC Soil) — 04 Mar 2016
This document presents examples of success stories of remediation of contaminated soils in various contexts and different European countries. Thirteen countries comprising 19 European regions present a total of 29 cases which illustrate how soil and brownfields remediation along with sustainable land management have become essential for reversing the trend of soil degradation and ensuring the provision of ecosystem services by soil. The cases show progress in research and innovative technologies of soil remediation, new outstanding approaches to soil remediation management, beneficial integration of stakeholders in decision-making and fruitful progress in raising public awareness and citizen science. These success stories have also achieved the restoration, safeguarding and longterm ensurance of some of the most widely recognized functions of soils, such as support for water regulation and purification, provision of new habitat for organisms, food, fibre and fuel, promotion of cultural and recreation areas and foundation for human infrastructure.
File Land Planning and Soil Evaluation Instruments in EEA Member and Cooperating Countries — 26 Sep 2014
This report has been composed by the European Topic Centre on Spatial Information and Analysis (ETC/SIA) under the supervision of European Environment Agency (EEA) project managers. It is largely based on a survey run through the European Environmental Information and Observation Network (Eionet) National Reference Centre for Land Use and Spatial Planning (NRC LUSP). Conclusions have been agreed between ETC/SIA and EEA. We recommend referring to the report as follows: Ludlow, D., Falconi, M., Carmichael, L., Croft, N., Di Leginio, M., Fumanti, F., Sheppard, A., Smith, N., 2013. Land Planning and Soil Evaluation Instruments in EEA Member and Cooperating Countries (with inputs from Eionet NRC Land Use and Spatial Planning). Final Report for EEA from ETC/SIA (EEA project managers: G. Louwagie and G. Dige).
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