Trends and projections in Europe reports

The EEA’s annual report on Trends and Projections in Europe updates the progress assessments of the EU and European countries towards their climate mitigation and energy targets. It also sets sights forward towards the EU’s 2020 and new 2030 targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing renewable energy generation and improving energy efficiency.
The assessments in the Trends and Projections in Europe report draw on the most recent data on EU and Member States’ progress to their climate and energy targets.

Country profiles

The EEA’s climate and energy country profiles support and complement the assessment of progress towards climate and energy targets in Europe. The profiles contain key data on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency for each EU Member State indicating progress towards their national targets.

Interactive data viewer 

The EEA greenhouse gas projections data viewer allows to explore information and data on projections of GHG emissions, prepared and reported by European countries.


All Trends and Projections in Europe assessments

Tracking progress towards Kyoto and 2020 targets in Europe

This report presents an overview of the progress achieved so far by the EU, its Member States and other EEA member countries towards their respective targets under the Kyoto Protocol and the EU burden-sharing agreement. The assessment is based on greenhouse gas emission data in Europe for 2008, the first year of the Kyoto Protocol's first commitment period which runs from 2008 to 2012. The recent availability of 2009 emissions estimates for the EU and a limited number of countries broadens, in these cases, the basis of the assessment to two years of the five-year commitment period.

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Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2009

Tracking progress towards Kyoto targets

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Geographic coverage



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