What is the GHG trends and projections report?

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The report presents an assessment of the current progress of EU Member States, EU candidate countries and other EEA member countries towards their respective targets under the Kyoto Protocol.


The complilation work for this report supports the preparation of the annual evaluation report of the European Commission to the Council and European Parliament (See European Commission website). However, the publication of this EEA report does not respond to any specific reporting obligations, as opposed to the annual EC GHG inventory report.

How is it relevant?

The report provides an annual, up-to-date assessment of the progress made by countries towards their Kyoto targets.

The EU-15 has a common target under the Protocol to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 8 %, compared to the base year. The EU-27 does not have a common Kyoto target. This report builds on the information reported in the annual EC GHG inventory report and includes projections for the EU. It can be used for tracking the EU's performance when it comes to reducing domestic greenhouse emissions (i.e. emissions within its territory) towards meeting the Kyoto targets. It also analyses the use carbon sinks as well as the so called 'flexible mechanisms', which Parties to the Kyoto Protocol are allowed to make to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions outside their national territories — as a supplement to domestic reductions.

Furthermore, the report aims at supporting climate policy makers by analysing sectoral trends of greenhouse gas emissions and describing the effect of the policies and measures implemented in the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the country profiles provided as annexes present detailed information at national level.


The EEA report on GHG trends and projections is released annually.

What is the data source?

The report is based on data and information submitted by the countries to the European Commission and the EEA before 1 June 2007. For the past trends (1990-2005 emissions), it is entirely based on EEA Technical report No 7/2007 Annual European Community greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2005 and inventory report 2007. See press release (15 June 2007).

Who prepared the report?

The report is prepared by the EEA and its European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (ETC/ACC).

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