What are the current trends in greenhouse gas emissions in Europe?

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Providing and analysing the trends in greenhouse gas emissions in Europe are two important activities of the EEA in the area of climate change:

  • The EEA compiles annually the European Community greenhouse gas inventory report, which reflects greenhouse gas emissions from EU Member States since 1990.
  • The EEA produces annually a report on GHG trends and projections in Europe, which analyses past trends and future projections of greenhouse gas emissions. It also assesses progress of the EU-15 and individual countries towards their respective Kyoto targets.
  • The EEA proposes:
    • a GHG web viewer, which allows to search, visualise and download greenhouse gas emissions in Europe by country, type of greenhouse gas, year and sector;
    • a CITL viewer, which enables users to better assess the data on installations and emissions covered by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, data which are contained in the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL);
    • GHG country profiles, which display key data on greenhouse gas emissions for individual EU Member States, the EU-27 and the EU-15.
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