They will complement more technical EEA work on biodiversity, strengthening public understanding and engagement with efforts to maintain and enhance biodiversity and its life-sustaining services.

The ONE stories centre on Eionet experts or the people they serve, presenting a diversity of connections:

  • between local and global activities;
  • between Eionet experts, the work they do and the people they serve;
  • between different aspects of genetic, species and ecosystem diversity;
  • between the characters, biodiversity and the wider world through cultural or social activities, arts and literature.

They will highlight the varied ecosystems and biodiversity of Europe and the threats and pressures they face, including habitat fragmentation and destruction, invasive alien species, pollution, over-harvesting and climate change.

The ONE series commences with stories from Finland and Switzerland – on selected forest and agricultural ecosystems respectively. Additional stories from other Eionet countries will be published progressively over coming years.


ONE stories:

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