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Cyprus – air pollution country fact sheet

A significant proportion of Europe's urban population lives in cities where EU air quality standards for the protection of human health are regularly exceeded. Air pollution continues to have significant impacts on the health of Europeans, particularly in urban areas. These health impacts have economic costs, cutting short lives, increasing medical costs and reducing productivity through lost working days. The pollutants with the most serious impacts on human health are particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone.

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Exposure of forest area to ozone in EEA member countries

The figure shows the percentage of forested areas in the EEA-32 countries exposed to five different interval concentrations of ozone, expressed as AOT40, following the critical levels defined by the Air Convention

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Up-to-date air quality data

Latest measurements from Europe's air quality monitoring network

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Air pollutant emissions data viewer (Gothenburg Protocol, Air Convention) 1990-2021

The air pollutant emissions data viewer (Air Convention) provides access to the data contained in the EU emission inventory report 1990-2021 under the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (Air Convention)

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