Key facts

Biodiversity - key fact 1

More than 10 000 non-native species are now present in Europe, 10–15 % of which are considered to have negative economic or ecological effects.

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Biodiversity - key fact 2

Protected areas, including Natura 2000 sites in EU Member States, now account for 22 % of the terrestrial area of EEA member countries.

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Biodiversity - key fact 3

Many animal species are threatened with extinction in the pan-European region, including approximately 15 % of mammals, 19 % of reptiles, 23 % of amphibians and a significant number of invertebrates.

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Biodiversity - key fact 4

In 2020, an estimated 346 million international tourists will travel to the Mediterranean, putting extra pressure on already fragile ecosystems.

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Biodiversity - key fact 5

Agro-ecosystems in Europe have a total annual economic value of around EUR 150 billion.

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