Key facts

Air pollution - key fact 1

Europe has significantly cut emissions of the main air pollutants in recent decades, greatly reducing exposure to substances such as sulphur dioxide and lead.

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Air pollution - key fact 2

Fine particle pollution (PM2.5) is estimated to account for some 5 million lost years of life in the EEA-32 countries every year.

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Air pollution - key fact 3

In the EEA-32 countries, the area of sensitive ecosystems exposed to excess acidification from air pollution fell by about 80 % from 1990–2010.

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Air pollution - key fact 4

Exposure to ground-level ozone concentrations above critical health levels is associated with more than 20 000 premature deaths in the EU-25 annually.

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Air pollution - key fact 5

Only 14 European countries expect to comply with all four pollutant-specific emission ceilings set under EU and international legislation for 2010.

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