Patent registration trends for the top seven origins

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The graph shows the total number of patent applications to the European Patent Office, aggregated for all countries of the world, for environment-related categories.

European data


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A) Technologies specific to propulsion using internal combustion engine (ICE) (e.g. conventional petrol/diesel vehicle, hybrid vehicle with ICE); technologies specific to propulsion using electric motor (e.g. electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle); technologies specific to hybrid propulsion (e.g. hybrid vehicle propelled by electric motor and internal combustion engine); fuel efficiency-improving vehicle design (e.g. streamlining)
B) Energy storage; hydrogen production (from non-carbon sources), distribution, and storage; fuel cells.
C) Air pollution abatement (from stationary sources); water pollution abatement; waste management; soil remediation; environmental monitoring.
D) Insulation (including thermal insulation, double-glazing); heating (including water and space heating; air-conditioning); lighting (including CFL, LED)
E) Capture, storage, sequestration or disposal of greenhouse gases.
F) Technologies for improved output efficiency (Combined combustion); technologies for improved input efficiency (Efficient combustion or heat usage)