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Outlook. Links to further national information on nature and biodiversity.
Nature and biodiversity Nature and biodiversity
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Key message

Sweden will not meet its national environmental quality objective A Rich Diversity of Plant and Animal Life. The trend in introduction of invasive alien species should be reversed by 2015.

d) What is the 2020 outlook (date flexible) for the topic in question and how will this affect possible impacts on the natural environment and human health/well-being?


Costs are important

Focus on ecosystem services gives the opportunity to see the cost of not acting or taking the wrong actions regarding biodiversity. To present the investment potential by including biodiversity in economic calculations will improve the willingness to address biodiversity and ecosystem services. The fact that The Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystems (TEEB) very nicely presents the link between economy, ecology and human well-being gives a trustworthy platform to start new partnership.

Streamlining biodiversity into other sectors together with a landscape perspective will safeguard sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The 2020 outlook

We will not meet our national environmental quality objective A Rich Diversity of Plant and Animal Life. This is not only due to the fact that we have not taken enough action, but also because for some species there is a time lag before positive effects can be seen. Furthermore, our use of natural resources is not sustainable, and before we develop management that can secure sustainable use of resources, we will not meet this objective. This must be developed within the sectors as well as between sectors and actors. Sweden has developed guidelines for how to work with sustainable use in a landscape perspective and with the ecosystem approach. Hopefully this will contribute significantly to the status of species and habitats.

Alien species

The trend in introduction of invasive alien species should be reversed by 2015 as Sweden is in the process of adopting a national strategy and action plan for invasive alien species. Sweden has also ratified the Ballast Water Convention and is working on implementing it in cooperation with other regional groups such as HELCOM, OSPAR and the Marine Strategy Directive.

Current trends in introduction of IAS. Go to:; Select country: Sweden; Choose type of chart: Trends in introduction of aliens species. All environments.


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