National and regional story (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) - Establishment of integrated self-sustainable waste management system under the Operational Programme for Regional Development 2007-2009

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SOER National and regional story from Macedonia the former Yugoslavian Republic of
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In July 2009, the European Commission approved the decentralised management of pre-accession funds to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for regional development – the implementation of major infrastructure projects in the areas of transport, environmental protection and improvement of waste and wastewater management.

The Financial Agreement for the Operational Programme for Regional Development (OPRD) 2007-2009 between the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the European Community was signed on 14 September 2009, by which the National Fund has been enabled to manage directly the funds allocated for the above purposes.

The waste management sector is one of the two priorities included in OPRD 2007-2009. Projects and studies for regional waste management can be financed under this measure.

OPRD 2007-2009 also specifies the basic criteria for selection of one to three regions for which the studies described in eligible activities can be prepared. The eight planning regions have equal opportunities to take part in the process of utilisation of IPA funds for regional development, based on the readiness of the municipalities to establish regional waste management bodies and the maturity of the waste management project in the respective region.

For the purpose of transparent and full information on the above opportunities, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning organised a meeting with representatives of the local self-government units to inform them on the selection process of three regions as potential beneficiaries of IPA funds.

Four of the existing eight regions expressed their readiness to be beneficiaries of IPA funds in OPRD 2007-2009, including preparation of the full documentation required and future investment projects under OPRD 2010-2012.


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