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SOER Country profile from Macedonia the former Yugoslavian Republic of
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Improvement in ambient air quality is expected through implementation of strategic documents adopted at the national level, mainly through:

  • full introduction of integrated pollution prevention and control systems;
  • monitoring and reduction of pollutant emissions from large combustion plants;
  • extension of the ambient air quality monitoring system with monitoring points established on the basis of the ambient air quality assessment;
  • preparation of ambient air quality improvement and protection programmes and action plans at the local level.

The above measures should result in improved quality of ambient air and reduced negative health effects.


Priorities for waste include:

  • Improvement and upgrading of management infrastructure for all types of waste;
  • Closure and reclamation of non-compliant waste dumping sites and implementation of at least one project for priority hot-spot remediation.

Climate change

Climate change requires joint actions at the international level by various stakeholders. Therefore, partnerships should be developed, especially in terms of establishing a new platform for post-2012 negotiations.

Joint action is not only needed, but also necessary on a regional level, in the form of transfer of experience on how to fulfil obligations concerning climate change mitigation from new EU Member States to pre-accession countries and potential candidate countries. Pre-accession and potential candidate countries should emphasise the need for assessment of their potentials and costs to adapt and mitigate climate change at the sectoral, national and regional level, especially taking into consideration the already proven vulnerability of their region.


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