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Ozone layer protection

In 1994, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ratified the Vienna Convention on Ozone Layer Protection and the Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). In 1997, the Office for Protection of the Ozone Layer was established as a part of MEPP with the purpose of coordinating national activities to reduce and eliminate ODS. This office has implemented a number of projects[1] in all relevant sectors that use chemicals that are covered by the Conventions. These efforts have resulted in the elimination of more than 90 % of the substances classified in the Annexes of the Montreal Protocol. The office is also responsible for awareness-raising and public participation in the field of ODS. Full elimination of CFCs by 2009 was the main challenge faced for this issue, and it was achieved as planned.

[1] The project for CFC-11/12 phasing-out in the refrigerator factory "Frinko"; Project for CFC-11 phasing-out in the production of elastic foams in the "Sileks" Factory; Project for CFC-11 phasing-out in the production of hard foams in the "Sileks" Factory; Pilot projects for alternative use of methyl bromide in agriculture; Project "Plan for cooling management"; Project for CFC-11/12 phasing-out in the production of aerosols in "Alkaloid".


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