Air pollution - Outlook 2020 (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

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Based on the status of ambient air quality and preliminary assessments, two zones and one agglomeration have been established. Within this zones and agglomeration further assessment of air quality will be performed. The revision of the preliminary assessment will be performed during this year.

The assessment of air quality provides a basis for development of a National Air Protection Plan, and programmes and action plans for air quality protection and improvement at the local level. The National Air Protection Plan is currently in preparation and will be finalized until June 2011.

National emission ceilings for the basic pollutants have been identified in the Rulebook (Rulebook on the amounts of emission ceilings of polluting substances for the purpose of setting projections for a certain period concerning the polluting substances emission reduction at annual level, Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No 2/2010) which entered into force in January 2010, which sets targets for annual emission reductions. Also, a National Emission Reduction Plan (NERP) will be prepared during 2010 and implemented in line with Directive 2001/81/ЕC. The specific measures for the protection and improvement of air quality identified in the National Air Protection Plan and the National Emission Reduction Plan will provide a basis for the calculation of projections for the basic pollutants for 2010-2020.

The process of ratification and preparation of national implementation plans for the eight Protocols to CLRTAP is in progress. In accordance with the measures defined in the NERP, emissions projections for the period 2010-2020 will be identified by the end of 2010.


The country assessments are the sole responsibility of the EEA member and cooperating countries supported by the EEA through guidance, translation and editing.

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