Waste - Why care? (Montenegro)

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Waste Waste
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 21 Mar 2015

Waste is a serious problem in Montenegro with acute as well as long-term impacts on both environment and human health.

Preventing and managing waste is at the very heart of sustainable development. Waste means unnecessary depletion of natural resources, unnecessary costs and environmental damage that could be avoided. Sustainable waste management is about using resources more efficiently.

It has to be recognised that waste has a negative impact on environment and human health, that waste has to be put to better use, and that all those concerned – as politicians, member of administration and companies, and individuals – can play a vital role in managing waste in a more sustainable way.

Moving towards sustainable waste management will mean dramatic changes over the next ten years, where producers as well as consumers have to be encouraged to generate as little waste as possible.

Future sustainable and practicable ways have to be found to deal with waste. Such a change is essential, irrespective of whether Montenegro accedes to the European Union, as it is essential to safeguarding our own health and well-being, and making our country a better place to live.


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