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Waste Waste
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 21 Mar 2015

A national waste management plan and, possibly, regional waste management plans, will be prepared covering the period from 2013 to 2020. Currently, no projections have been made for the generation of municipal waste but, nevertheless, already current waste management plans contain targets for waste management until 2020:


  • to decrease the amount of landfilled biodegradable waste in accordance with the Landfill Directive;
  • to reach the packaging recovery and recycling targets in accordance with the Packaging Directive;
  • to reaching the targets for recovery on end-of live vehicles in accordance with the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive;
  • to reach targets for collection and recovery of waste electric and electronic equipment in accordance with the WEEE Directive;
  • to reach targets for collection and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators.


These targets will also remain as priority areas until 2020, as they are crucial for reaching general waste management targets, as set out in the Waste Framework Directive:


  • the establishment of separate collection systems for paper, plastic, metal, and glass;
  • ensuring reuse and recycling of at least 50 % of household and similar waste by weight;
  • ensuring reuse, recycling and material recovery of at least 75 % of construction and demolition waste by weight, including backfilling.


Special attention will be paid to waste prevention and minimisation.


The country assessments are the sole responsibility of the EEA member and cooperating countries supported by the EEA through guidance, translation and editing.

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