Climate change mitigation - Why care? (Luxembourg)

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SOER Common environmental theme from Luxembourg - climate change mitigation
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 21 Mar 2015
Key message

Climate change mitigation is undoubtedly the biggest environmental challenge Luxembourg has to cope with. Both its Kyoto commitment (minus 28% emissions between 2008-2012 compared to the 1990 level ) and the EU climate and energy package objective that it had been assigned by the Commission for 2020 − i.e. a 20 % reduction in the non-EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) sectors compared to 2005 − would require a significant effort. But, Luxembourg only has limited emission reduction potential at national level.

Therefore, various actions have been initiated, the latest one being the 'Environment-Climate Partnership' which has been launched in order to have a careful but open consideration on the future of climate and environment policies in Luxembourg. This partnership would end up with the first 'National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation' and a 'second National CO2 reduction Action Plan'.

It is now assumed that a large part of the global warming on Earth is attributable to human activities and that this warming will undoubtedly be one of the most serious threats to mankind during the course of this century. Climate change is already having strong implications for the environment, the economy and society, and will continue to do so in the future.


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