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Urban use is influenced by a significant population increase, which has been particularly notable since the turn of the century. However, there have been encouraging signs in the most recent data on urban supply, especially with regard to water use in homes. Water losses in public networks are also being reduced, for example from 16.7 % of all water supplied in 2006, to 15.9 % in 2007.

With regard to reservoirs, Spain has a large number of dams, which, except in extreme drought situations, have guaranteed water reserves of about 50 % of total capacity in recent years.

In relation with water quality, the ‘National Plan for Water Quality: Water Treatment and Processing 2007-2015’ has laid the grounds for compliance with the obligations derived from the WFD. This Plan is being implemented through agreements with Regional Governments, and particular importance is being given to sensitive areas.

There are 2,381 agglomerations with more than 2,000 population equivalent, in Spain. At 31 December 2008, the distribution according to the load in equivalent inhabitants was: 77 % conformant, 14 % under construction and 9 % non-conformant. These figures give an idea of the major management effort that water treatment and processing implies for public administrations overall.


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