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Policy to turn Flanders into a strong cycle economy with an as low as possible use of raw materials and materials.
Waste Waste
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Key message

Efficient waste treatment, focus on innovation and cradle-to-cradle.

In the recent past, Flanders has booked some nice results in the field of selective collection and recycling. In the coming years the OVAM wants to consolidate these results but also to come up with new projects. The goal is to turn Flanders into a strong cycle economy with an as low as possible use of raw materials and materials, since they are sparse.

By closing cycles – or by producing cradle-to-cradle – one can offer solutions for waste and avoid the use of new and valuable materials. Beside the environment also the economy goes well with this new approach. Investments in ecological innovation, eco-efficiency, eco-design can give the economy new impulses and turn Flanders into a leader in this new market.

The strategic plan

The strategic plan is a mix of new challenges and old recipes for success. It focuses on innovation and cradle-to-cradle but also on efficient waste treatment. The most important goals concerning waste are summarised below.

  • Close material cycles

The efficient closing and thorough changing of material cycles are the fundamentals of sustainable materials management. More than nowadays, waste products have to be kept in the economic cycle.

  • Produce eco-efficiently

By focusing on eco-efficiency and eco-design, the OVAM helps companies to lower their costs and to decrease their ecological impact. At the same time the OVAM wants to persuade the managers and designers that ecologically responsible products and process designs are profitable.

  • Innovate

The OVAM goes for innovation. It stimulates system innovation by the Transition Network Sustainable Materials Management. By chain management projects the OVAM supports innovative companies and takes initiative in a few priority sectors and joins initiatives of others.

  • Focus on waste of companies

The OVAM ensures that the waste production of companies decreases and that the degree of recycling increases. Furthermore it plans to create a legal framework that promotes the use of waste as a base material. The OVAM will continue the policy in the field of waste from households.

  • Environmentally responsible consumption

By going along with the offer of environmentally responsible products, emphasising the environmental advantages and setting a good example, the OVAM wants to steer the consumer in the direction of a more environmentally responsible consumption.



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