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SOER Common environmental theme from Albania
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Albania has plentiful water resources but often their quality is a problem due to pollution, especially in low-lying areas where most of the population lives and most industrial and agricultural activities take place.

General renewable water resources in Albania are about 13 300 m3 per capita per year. These are used for urban, industrial and agricultural purposes as well as for hydroelectricity.

Surface waters are a major asset for the economy of the country. They are very important for many uses such as electricity supply, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, industry as well as drinking water supply.

Albania also has rich in groundwater resources. The renewable resource in seven main geological strata is 1 250 million m3 / year. 

Towns and cities as well as industrial, agricultural and farming areas are sources of pollution of surface waters and groundwater.

The management and protection of the aquatic environment is an important activity for the country. To achieve sustainable development, it is particularly important to develop and implement efficient methods and technologies for the rational use of natural resources, taking both their quality and quantity into account, and to control the impacts of resource use on the environment.


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