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SOER Common environmental theme from Albania
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Albania has produced two strategic documents related to the protection and management of water: the National Water Strategy, 2004 and the Water and Sewerage ?Strategy, 2004.

Moreover, the creation of regional agencies for River Basin Management and the National Water Council has resulted in the establishment of an administrative structure for planning the utilisation and management of river basins. Legislation in the area of water consists of laws, international agreements and bylaws, such as the Decisions of the Council of Ministers (DCM) and the National Water Council.


Primary legislation for the water problems in Albania includes:

  • Law No. 8093 dated 21.3.1996 on Water resources (as amended);
  • Law No. 8102 dated 28.3.1996 on Regulatory framework of  water supply sector and waste water removal (as amended);
  • Law No. 8905 dated 6.6.2002 on Protection of Marine Environment from Pollution and Damage;
  • Law No. 9103 dated 10.7.2003 on Protection of transboundary lakes;
  • Law No. 9115 dated 24.7.2003 on Environmental Treatment of Polluted Water;
  • Decision No.145, date 26.02.1998 for approval of Hygienic-health regulation on
  • control of drinking water quality, design, construction and supervision of supply drinking water systems;
  • Decision No. 796 dated 16.10.2003 On approval of national strategy of water supply and sanitation;
  • Decision No. 273 dated 7.5.2004 On approval of National Water Strategy;
  • Decision No. 177 dated 31.3.2005 On the allowed norms of liquid discharges and zoning criteria to host aquatic environments;
  • Decision no. 103, dated 31.3.2002 On environmental monitoring in the Republic of Albania.



  • State of Environment Report 2008, Agency of Environment and Forestry
  • National Environment Strategy 2006, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration

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