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EEA Signals 2021 — Europe’s nature

EEA Signals 2021 — Europe’s nature

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Why do we need decisive action now to protect nature? What is at stake and how can we tackle the biodiversity crisis?

The EEA Signals report is an annual, easy-to-read publication, consisting of a series of short articles, that looks at key issues related to the environment and climate. Recent EEA Signals reports have looked at zero pollution (2020),  soil (2019), water (2018), and energy (2017).


Editorial — The value of nature

Hans Bruyninckx

"The value of nature goes beyond the direct services it provides to us. Nature has cultural value too, forming the backdrop to our existence as humans and providing the conditions necessary for good physical and mental health, as well as for emotional and spiritual well-being."

 Hans Bruyninckx 
EEA Executive Director




The EEA's latest 'State of nature in the EU' report shows alarming results from the 2013-2018 reporting period. Many species and habitats in Europe face an uncertain future unless urgent action is taken to reverse the situation.


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Title: EEA Signals 2021: Europe's nature
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